About Us

Who We Are

Golden Spruce Nurseries is focused on providing the Landscape Industry with exceptional service and a full range of plant material.

To reflect our one of a kind service – our name was inspired by a unique and majestic tree once found only on the bank of the Yakoun River in the Haida Gwaii.
Our central location at #1 Highway and 232 Street allows us to make timely and efficient deliveries anywhere in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. Or, take the time to hand pick your own order.

We source plants from local BC growers and import showcase material from across North America.

We welcome your special requests for the perfect plant for the most challenging of your jobs. We look forward to working with you and turning your challenges into successes.
Feel free to drop in for a visit and tour, we are always happy to see you!


We have connections to dozens of nursery stock suppliers all over North America. From Florida, to Mississippi and Georgia, California to Washington and even the East Coast!
We can help source that special tree, bamboo hedge or specific ground cover. Finding a way to get you the plants you need for your job is what we do.
We also custom grow! Let us know what you want and we can get it started.
Your time is valuable. Let us do the work for you! Send us a list of what you need and we will provide you with a quote.
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